Achieving My Purpose – A Musical Homecoming

HasselhoffWho is the most famous or infamous person you have ever met? It’s not David Hasselhoff but I do like his first name. This question was from my daily journal software, Day-One, and started the following spillage for this blog post you are currently reading.

I’ll achieve my purpose when I’m loved by all. “Do you love me?” I constantly asked that question to the wife of my children and angel in Heaven now when we were together years ago. For many years I never understood the question for myself until today. I thought I was insecure and wasn’t sure that maybe she really didn’t love me sometimes. I now know that it was purely for affirmation. It solidified my uniqueness or the fact that “I am David Lee Whitehurst”. I want to be loved by everyone I meet. This is more of the classical Greek agape or brotherly love for each other. Something in the knowing that I’m loved keeps me going. Almost like really living life should feel like this. I am going to improve this need by playing music again publicly very soon. And, to do this I’m going to follow the prescription of Tommy Emmanuel with a few adjustments here and there.

I develop enterprise software for a living and we use patterns to help us be successful at what we do. Tommy Emmanuel should be a pattern for other guitarists that want to play music for a living.

I’m a guitarist and I’ve looked up to a lot of guitarists over the years but Tommy Emmanuel is the absolute best at what he does. He gives guitar concerts, fills auditoriums, and theaters with crowds of people that sit there quietly and just enjoy his shows. And, he does this by himself. That’s amazing! It is amazing because he’s becoming wildly popular with my generation and folks that aren’t guitarists themselves. With most virtuoso guitarists, the audiences are mostly amateur guitarists that come to listen in awe of their heroes. With Tommy, it’s his secret sauce and that’s a combination of exceptional musical talent, awesome sounding equipment, veteran road experience, and intimate crowd connection. He’s the best period.

Tommy Emmanuel can claim expert level status for what he does. As a long-time amateur guitarist, I know that when another guitarist credits his level of playing to me, I can take his statement with a grain of salt until I actually hear him play. Tommy could say, “I am the best in the world.” and I would just agree. He has no need to embellish his words. And, for me, that truth hurts. I really do wish I could play that good.

I used to steer away from music or musicians that only made me want to get on stage with them. I chose not to play music when I was eighteen and go to college for engineering. And, for most of my life, I avoided beautiful music that I didn’t play myself, on my guitar, and inside my home. I’m a successful software professional today but I still want to play music for people. I also want to be famous. There, I said it. I hope my wife Patty is listening, she knew it all along. I always felt that playing music would place me in the hearts of lots of people for their lifetime. This way I could somehow be their friend for life. It’s no different than the long-term memory of a loved-one that’s passed many years ago. Music is touchy-feely for me. And, I want to be part of people’s memories and in their hearts. My name is David and that’s translated or means “Beloved”. Merriam-Webster defines this as dearly loved or dear to the heart. My purpose is to be loved by all.

I am practicing new songs, playing my guitar, and exercising my voice in preparation for my first Homecoming show I’ve yet to secure. I’m still looking for the affirmation so I’ll be out there soon enough to get a pat on the back, a smile from your seat, and hopefully a new friend. I would rather have friends than fans. Friends can love you. Fans just like you. And, I really do need to change my mother’s mind about “all my little Facebook girlfriends.” That’s the topic of a whole different discussion.

Keeping humming those melodies you love …


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