MeHi there. I’m David L. Whitehurst. I’m here to tell you who I am and what I’m all about. By using the tools provided by this web site you can learn more about what makes me tick. My interests are many. I usually write about what I do and this web site is here to document what I enjoy most. I’ve moved around quite a bit but

Software Professional

I develop software and manage the technical development of a product that’s used to help maintain the regulatory compliance of financial and insurance companies here in the US.


I may write software for a living but I’m always doing something related to art, music, and woodworking.  I’ve painted watercolor, pastel, acrylic, and oils professionally in the past but now I stay busy with friends and family. I’ve also played in rock and country bands when I was in my teens and 20’s. 

Guitar Instructor

I’m currently accepting students. Call 919-605-6529 or email my user “dlwhitehurst” at the Apple me-dot-com domain. Try my profile at Thumbtack Professionals Classical, Acoustic Fingerstyle, Electric Guitar Instruction


I’ve published a technical book and I’ve done a music album through Amazon and iTunes.  While I was born with many talents, and they have served me well, I want to share the education behind these talents and maybe convince others to try things they would normally pay someone else to do. I’ll never belittle a tradesman or technician. I have great respect for the blue-collar crowd.  But, I will share with the daring any how-to information I have to offer.

Please subscribe to my blog and comment on it’s content.  I hope my posts help others with challenges or interests they experience.  This blog is about experience.


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