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November 2014

Many stores now are stocked for Christmas shopping. For me, it isn’t Christmas or Christmas season until Thanksgiving is over. And, by Thankgiving, I mean giving thanks for all that we have. Any of us here in these United States need to do is cut on the radio or TV and we can immediately know that first, we live in the greatest country in the world. Secondly, we should be known by the rest of the world as humble people because of what we all have. Sadly, we are not. That should change. It will change for me.

I’m thankful for everything in my life. I’ve had a rough year but my wife and family are still intact. We still have a home. We still have transportation and we still have our pets. My kids are wavering between their childhood and being an adult but I’m sure that will work itself out soon.

We live our lives here on this earth among other people. I’m most thankful for all the people I know, love, or am involved with in some way or other. It’s the relationships we have with other people that define the quality of our lives.